Tallinn, Estonia

Reval Cafe
Vene 1, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 644 6473

Nice and cosy place just near the main square
With sausage, sesame seed

Flat White

Maiasmokk Cafe
Pikk 16, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 646 4066
Rating: 3 out of 5 star

October 25, 2017

  • Ordered Pistachio Cake, Tiramius, and latte
  • Coffee was OK, no latte art though
  • cake was "meh"
  • Nothing really exciting about this cafe except the fact that this is the oldest cafe in Tallinn.

Rataskaevu 16, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 642 4025

Very pleasant staff and a nice place just a minute walk from the town square.   Seems to be popular since we there was ni available table despite going there after 830pm and even when we tried booking for the next evening. Ended up booking for lunch the next day at 12 noon. 

Cheese platter - was Ok! 
Beef pate - was Ok!
Herring Salad - was interesting because of the Estonian twist!

Food was great. Love their Salmon and pork belly. Beef Cheek was good too but not really the type that just melts in your mouth. Fried fish was perch which was still good but Salmon tasted better.

Soup - Beef tongue - not really my thing since it has horse radish.

We tried the warm chocolate cake which is actually a fondant cake.  Tried breading pudding too which was also delish and not too sweet!  I would choose the fondant over the bread pudding.

Viru 15, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 517 3261

October 25, 2017
  • Love this place. Love their Rye bread
Ordered  the following:
  • Croissant Salmon
    • Hot Croissant and smoked salmon wasn't really smoky and fishy.
  • Forest Mushroom Soup - Good
  • Pancakes with Sour cream and Red Caviar
    • It fills like batter flour - not fluffy pancakes which is like similar crepes (or this is actually crepes)
    • A bit weird to have it with sour cream and caviar
  • Rabbit Meat Burger
    • Was quite huge, meat tasted like chicken - was quite interesting
  • Pavlova
    • Pretty and good.. Only not that sweet so was just about right.
  • Curd Pancake
    • was a bit weird, and prolly skip this.
    • It has a texture of like a "play dough"
  • Truffle Pasta
    • Was quite good
  • Pasta with Salmon
    • Tasted Good and not too salty, just right.

III Draakon
Raekoja plats 1, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • it was quite an experience ordering food, the place is small, but they don't have menu so you have to ask.
  • You have to order from the lady (who is kinda role playing)
  • No utensils!!!
  • Interesting to "spear" your pickles

October 24, 2017

We ordered

  • Ox Rib
    • 10 and 15 Euro
    • It was really good and just  melts in your mouth
    • Just perfectly spiced (tad sweet/caremelized)
  • Ox Sausage
    • Not a big deal but still good
  • Pickles
    • Love the whole experience of pickling it
  • Elk Soup
    • Love it and quite tasty clear soup with some Elk meat bits
  • Beer
    • Cider
      • Really good and sweet. Doesn't taste like has some alcohol but actually it has.
      • Very strong smell of "caramelize sugar" or "Sago't Gulaman"
    • Light Beer
      • This was just OK for me 
    • Dark Beer
      • Actually really good for a dark beer

Restaurant Ribe
Vene 7, 10132 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 631 3084


  • 3 course menu for 29 and 6 course for 44 Euros
    • Seems like the portions are smaller for 6 Course 
  • Rye Bread was good and taste like Fruit cake
  • First Course
    • Beef Tartare with Beet Root
  • 2nd Course
    • Braised Ox Cheek 
      • quite good and just melts in your mouth
    • Cod
      • yummy!
  • 3rd Course
    • Buckthorn
    • Chocolate Mouse


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