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Santorini Itinerary


It doesn't just have the red beach but is a nice village with a nice Archaelogical site.  We didn't get to visit it but the place itself has a ruins of the Venetian Castle.


Akritori (Red Beach)

A beautiful red beach in Santorini.  It is a bit of a hike to go there.  Cars can park around 10-20 minutes away from the beach and then you have to hike up. 

Perissa (Black Beach)

This is less touristy than the rest of the beaches. The promenade is lined up with restaurants and bars.  I've tired one restaurant (Fish Tavern), it was OK but the price is almost the same as I spent on the Fira Restaurant which has a view of the sunset.

Oia Beach / Beyond Ammoudi Bay

This is accessible by driving there or going thru the "Donkey Path" from Oia.  When you go down to the Port.  Walk further down as the there is a church on a rock in the waters and the area there is great for swimming. The Rock near Ammoudi Bay

Where to Eat?



A Santorini Family Tavern.  The food is really good and fresh and the folks are nice.

Grilled Octopus - Santorini is really good at this

Chicken stuffed with Sun-dried tomatoes and cheese 

I love these tomato balls

Perissa Beach

Fish Tavern

They are OK! Nothing Great!

Fava - Mashed Potatoes


Stuffed Aubergine (seems to be the same taste as Moussaka)

Seafood Platter

Mixed Vegetable 


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