Ice Bar London

If you haven't been to the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden, this is prolly a good place to try out "ice bar" in London.  The place has a small area where it's "freezing cold" and they have the truck bar made out of Ice... and of course, the cocktail is served with an ice glass.

Do not expect that the dinner is in the ICE bar.  It is actually in a restaurant in the basement where temperature is NOT freezing cold :) So it is a normal restaurant.

Check out their package as they have 2-3 course dinner + Ice bar experience for a price ranging from 35 to 45+ pounds. Though I think you can skip dinner and just try the Ice bar experience if you really are trying to scrimp on it.

A couple of points
1) Ice bar experience
- It was generally interesting, though you can't prolly stay more than 40 minutes as you will want o go out as it is freezing cold.  Do make sure not to wear slippers, shorts, or skirt as it is going to be cold and the jacket (with gloves) will not be enough to cover the lower part of your legs.
2) Dining Experience
- Starter and Mains were good.  I generally like the mains that we tried - the monkfish with truffles and lamb belly.  The starters were all generally good.  I liked my "roast pork belly" because the skin was crispy just like how I like eating the spanish roast pork or the Filipino lechon.

Nearest Tube Station: It is in between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus stations, along Regent Street.
Address: 31 - 33 Heddon Street, London

The Cocktails

Vanilla and Apricot Sour 
*This was the best for me

Suicide Blondie
Tasted similar to Mojito. Quite refreshing

Tad Sweet for me.  Tasted more like a "dessert"!


Lamb Belly


Doughtnuts with Yuzu Custard Cream

Roast Pork Belly
Yummy! Just like a good pork crackling!

The Dessert

Dark Chocolate Parfait
Kind of a chocolate mousse! Don't expect an ice cold popsicle though.

Green Tea S'mores
A bit disappointing for me.  The base was not good (I still love Graham crackers) and the marshmallow does not  have the "melted" texture.

Treacle Tart with Earl Grey Ice cream
I think the better one from those we've tasted so far for dessert.

The Ice Bar Experience


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