Rooftop Film Club @Peckham

One thing that people love during summer is Rooftop movie watching.  Rooftop Film Club organizes rooftop cinemas around London and it is really a great experience, especially when the weather is great.

Photo Article from Metro July 1, 2015 Issue

Where: Bussey Building, Peckham, London
Nearest Train Station: Peckham Rye (takes 15 minutes direct train from Victoria Station heading to Dartford).

Love the fact that it is on the rooftop with a view of London (Check out the pix). And the rooftop has been done up so that it really looks DIFFERENT that it doesn't look like you are in Peckham.

You can hear the train as the building is right opposite the train station.  And since it is outdoor (and on the rooftop), you will hear the plane flying over obviously. And the speakers are not that loud enough so if they are "whispering" in the film, it's a tad difficult to hear it.

It is a bit of a hike to go up. For some reason, the lift does not seem to work.  Toilets are not that clean too (as expected).

Also, Peckham seems to be not a good place, it looks a bit dodgy and so bringing your friends (overseas friends), they may get a bit of  a culture shock.

The Cinema

They do sell popcorns and sweets :)


The Bar

They have some drinks and pizza

The View


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