Seville for a few days


  • Bus - Seville Airport to Plaza de Armas
    • Duration: takes around 30 minutes
    • Frequency: runs around every 20 minutes
    • Cost: 4 Euros for one-way or 6 Euros for round trip
    • Note: Takes longer going back from Plaza de Armas to Seville Airport, prolly took me almost an hour (due to traffic too).
    • Tip: You can also take a taxi to Plaza de Armas and better to take it there since it is the first stop and it gets more crowded after every stop (you might not get in).
  • Taxi: I haven't taken this but they said costs around 30 Euros.

General Overview

  • It's pretty much walkable around the area and prolly takes 30 minutes walking from one end to the other end of the old town.  
  • There's too much small and winding alleys too.
  • There seems to be a lot of well known Tapas Bar near Alameda de Hercules.

Top Picks for Food

  • Az-Zait
    • This was in Michelin Guide.  Much pricier that normal tapas bar, but it was so worth it.  Tried out their conchillo (roast pig) which was amazing, and so is their scallops.
  • Bar Eslava
    • This is like in every local/ international tapas guide and it was really good.  I tried two of their award winning tapas, Cigar para Becquer and Yema Sobre.
  • La Azotea
    • This was more on a fine dining end and was really good.
  • Bar La Cantina in Feria Mercado
    • This is part of the Mercado and can be really so crowded. Open on Mondays to Saturdays and I think only around lunch time and was really crowded around 2.30.  Chocos, Bocqueros, and other fried stuff were reallly good.


  • Mercado Triana
  • Mercado Lonja del blanco
    • Not really a mercado, but more like an upscale food court for Tapas bar.
  • Mercado Feria

Top Picks for Easy Food

  • 100 Montaditos - Cheap and Easy
    • They're everywhere in spain
    • Take note - Wednesdays and Sundays - they are only 1 Euros for all Montaditos in the menu!

Top picks for Latte

I personally don't think that Spain has a "artisan" coffee culture but that doesn't mean their coffee is bad.   There coffee especially cafe con leche (coffee with steamed milk) or Leche Manchada (coffee with steam milk but less portion of coffee - about just one shot) are actually good and goes well with their tostadas (toasts). 

But for me, I am more looking for "cafe artesano" so I did a bit of hunting around and found two places in the city center/old town.  It's really cheap for less than 2 Euros for latte.
  • Virgin Coffee
  • Torch Coffee Roasters
  • More info of both cafes here.

Interesting Tapas Bar

  • Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo (map)
    • Tapas were just OK for me but the place looks amazing.  Seems like you went to like a home/store with antique stuff and a lot of Iberico's ham.
  • La Carboneria (map) (youtube)
    • Free Flamenco Show which starts around 9.30
    • Food is not good, nor the drinks, but then again, the flamenco show is free.

Must-see Attractions

If you are in Seville, this are prolly the two most important things to see
  1. Alcazar
  2. Cathedral de Sevilla
  3. Plaza España
  4. Ayuntamiento
  • Queue for the Cathedral is normally LONG. Go to El Divino Salvador and get their Combination ticket.  Check out the Church at the same time. And then you can go to Cathedral and just cut the queue and go straight to the entrance  - saves a lot of queueing time!
  • Good thing about the combi ticket is that it is good for 3 days. So if you are went to El Divino Salvador on Monday, you can do the Cathedral anytime till Wednesday.
  • Metropol Parasol
    • This looks like an amazing architecture.  Which is like some sort of wavy  grid umbrella
    • 3 Euros to go up.


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