CLIC Sevilla Intensive Spanish School

Course Date: Dec. 11 - 22, 2017
Length: 2 weeks
What: Intensive Spanish 25
Where: CLIC Sevilla
Address: Calle Albareda, 19, 41001 Sevilla
Students: There were 4 in our class

The School

  • Right smack in the middle of the city, just beside the large mall, Ingles Cortes.
  • They have 4 buildings near each other and it's pretty small and cosy. I actually like it. It's very comfortable and easy.
Main Lobby of the building with the small cafe on the right

facade of the building with a small street, Calle Albareda

Type of Intensive Spanish Courses

  • Intensive 20, 25, 30
    • You can see the difference from the table below. Basically, you just have more practice sessions with 25 and 30.
    • It was slightly weird this round in my class since they lumped 25 and 30 together so I basically have to leave at 2.20 PM while the rest of my classmates go on till 3.30 since they took Intensive 30.
    • Honestly, I think 20 is enough and you can just revise and practice on your own or apply for Intercambio (Language Exchange program) where you can find a Spanish person who wants to learn your language.
      • Also, if you plan to see things as well in Sevilla, this kinda takes most of your day if you take 25 or 30 already.
      • Also, there is not much enough time to get food since you only have 25-30 minutes break so you normally get to eat inside the school or bars just outside. 

Intensive 20
Normal Lecture/Lessons
9.15 AM to 10.55 AM
11.20 AM to 1 PM
Practice Classes
focused more on pronunciation and what you learned in the morning
1.30 PM to 2.20 PM
2.20 PM to 3.15 PM


  • There are various types of accommodations, from hostels, shared flats, to host family.
  • I opted for the Host Family since it was prolly a good way to practice Spanish but then again, prolly staying with other Spaniards is better since you will right away have some social life.
  • For No Board / Half Board/ Full Board - I did Full board but feels like it was a mistake as Seville is really cheap for food and there are just too many good food around the area.  Maybe the best you can do is just half board or better yet, no board and just eat out.  I went out for Cafe con Leche + Tostada con Tomate and Acete for just 2 Euros for Breakfast!

My Host Family Place
  • Calle Conde De Barajas 3
  • Host Family - Grandma, Dolores with Daughter, Pilar, and Grandkid, Aina
  • 2nd Floor - kinda have to LIFT my luggage up as there is no elevator
  • Had my own room with a bathroom
  • Not bad - quite spacious and everything provided.
  • Note that for the month of December, it can be quite cold. For some reason, the room is pretty cold despite that it is warmer outside so seems like the place is really built for "Summer".  I asked my classmates and they said it is the same for their place.

My own Bathroom

My Own Room

Extra-Curricalar Activities

  • The good thing about this school is they plan for things that you can do outside of your class too, from free walking tour, cinema, trips outside of Sevilla, and apparently, on weekends, a trip out of possibly Spain.  Unfortunately, my freeweekend was the weekend before Christmas and the professors normally have their Holiday party that weekend and thus, no activities for that weekend.
Sample Activities from Dec. 11-14, 2017


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