Bohol City, Philippines - 3D2N

Date: December 27 - 29, 2017
Where: Bohol, Philippines

How to get there?
  • Via SuperCat/Ferry
    • Costs around 500 pesos ($20) per trip but this is economy. 
      • Note: All Trolley (small or big, even those which you hand carry in the airplane) need to be checked in and have to pay minimal fee for checking it in.  It costs 100 pesos ($2) to check in 3 small trolley bags. Or just bring a huge backpack if you don't want to check in anything

Economy Seats
No way to put your trolley bags anywhere

Tickets to and fro Tabiliran City, Bohol

costs around 500 pesos for economy

Itinerary here:

  • Rooms
    • Kew Hotel - Room for 2 people  - around 2500 Pesos ($50)
    • Alona Tropical Resort - Room for 2 people - around 3000 Pesos ($60)
  • Day Trip Tour (2nd Day)
  • Day Trip Tour (3rd Day)
Other Tips:
  • I would have revised this if possible
    • There is really nothing in Island City Mall as it is very small compared to the ones in Manila and Cebu.
    • Why don't you take the Ferry early and arrive earlier before lunch and mebbe do the Day 2 tour but start with floating restaurant and then the rest
    • Stay at the Alona Beach resort or some other restort for 2 nights then at least you are are the at beach for 2 nights.

Where to stay?

Kew Hotel

Costs: around 2.5K Pesos ($50) for a normal room for 2 person with Breakfast
Address: KEW HOTEL Building, infront of City Hall, J.A. Clarin St, Tagbilaran City, 6300 Bohol
  • Near the Bohol Pier and Island City Mall.  Pretty basic amenties, but clean and good.  Very close to McDonalds :) and just right in front of their City Hall. 


Alona Beach Resort

Costs: around 3K Pesos ($60) for a normal room for 2 person (without breakfast which costs like around 250 Pesos or ~$5 per person)
Address: Ester A. Lim Drive, Alona Beach, Barangay, Tawala, Panglao Island 6340 map
  • We had rooms at the beach front area but TV wasn't working nor is WIFI working in the rooms (only in the lobby and restaurant). 
  • Pretty basic amenities and shower didn't really turn out hot.
  • I think for basic amenities this is OK but don't expect a lot.
  • Has a small beach resort and just beside Hennan hotel.  Good thing is that this is a corner resort.

Day 1 - Island City Mall

  • It's is just a 5-10 minute walk from Kew Hotel
  • pretty Small and has basic shops and amenities

Day 2 - Bohol Tour

Chocolate Hills

Apparently there are more than 1700 Hills covering 50 sq km and the name comes from the fact that the grass turns brown during the dry season looking like chocolate.

Butterfly Garden

Not much but the tour guide is really funny!


Smallest Primate in the World

Man Made Forest

Twin hanging Bridge

used during the WWII / Japanese Occupation so kinda historic and significant.  This is made of Bamboo wood.

Floating Restaurant

Personally skipped this one.. costs around 600 per person but accdg to the driver, pretty simple food so we opted to just eat somewhere else.

Baclayon Church

2nd Oldest Catholic Church in Asia

Day 3 - Panglao Tour

Hinagdanan Cave

Water is actually a combination of underwater and saltwater. 

Dauis Church

Panglao Church (San Agustin)

The watch tower is also very historic and was used during the Spanish occupation (1851). 


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