Sushirrito - Union Square

Address and Availability

  • 226 Kearny Street San Francisco, CA 94108 
  • 415-544-9868 
  • Monday thru Wednesday 11-4 
  • Thursday thru Saturday 11-8 
  • Sunday Closed

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Love this combine Sushi kind of Burrito. Huge Sushi :) For like around 13-14 bucks each :)

Geisha’s Kiss
Yellowfin Tuna (Hand-Line Caught), Tamago, Piquillo Peppers, Lotus Chips, Namasu Cucumber, Green Leaf Lettuce, Ginger Guac, Yuzu Tobiko Sesame White Soya

This is actually one of their best sellers and I actually like this. Tasty and a bit spicy :)

Latin Ninja 
Salmon Belly Poke, Crispy Platanos, Takuan, Green Leaf Lettuce, Ginger Guac, Masago, Bubu Leche de Tigre

This was new in their menu, love that they have some sort of "crispy" onion thing.  Tasted a bit bland for some reason.


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