Tower of London

Nearest Tube Station: Tower Hill (It is just beside the station)
Cost around 24.50 but and is actually part of the Royal Historic Palaces too.

2014 Tower of London with Poppies (in remembrance of Heroes of WW1)

1.  Definitely see the Crown Jewels.  A must-see!
2.  Do go for the Free Yeoman Warden's (Beefeater) Tour.  They are really very entertaining!

The Traitor's Gate

The Crown Jewels

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures but this is definitely a must-see.  You will see the crowns, scepters, and maces they use for the coronation, opening of the parliament, etc. 

The White Tower and the Royal Armories

The Execution Site

The executions are normally up in the tower hill, but sometimes, they do it here in the tower of London and this is the site where people like Thomas Moore, Queen Anne, and Queen Catherine are executed.  Their bodies lie in the chapel near it.

No. 5 Queen Site

This is where Queen Catherine was imprisoned before dragged to execution near there

The view from the outerwalls

Near the Tube Station (The London Port Authority) 

The Torture Chamber


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