Isle of Wight, UK

How to go there
1) Take a train to Portsmouth or Southampton, and take a passenger ferry to Isle of Wight
*** I haven't tried this but you can take a Hovercraft from Portsmouth

More info here:

you can go around Isle of Wight by taking the Needle Breezer (Tour bus) for 10 pounds - Unlimited travel for 24 hours.

Compton Beach

According to my friend, he read somewhere that this is one of the hidden gems of the Isle of Wight.  The beach has a beautiful view of the Needles and the sunset.  This place is not easily accessible without a car and thus, not so much tourists, but just people who just actually drive there to see the sun set and enjoy the 'peace' and tranquility of the Isle of Wight.

Shanklin Beach

Prolly one of the more touristy places in Isle of Wight.  The Shanklin beach has a nice promenade (don't expect too much as it is small and just plain simple).  I would suggest walking further and going to the Old Village area where you can see the thatched-roof houses and probably order some cream teas (scones with clotted cream and jam, and a pot of tea).

I love the small town especially the old village.  One suggest is walking down the Chine for a "Nature walk," haven't done it personally but read from some articles that it is also quite a nice walk.

The Beach and the promenade

Vernon Cottage and the Tourist office

Vernon Cottage and the Tourist Info Office

The Town Area

The Old Village

Along the Cliff with the View of the Beach

Freshwater Bay

Another nice area but does not have much restaurants or cafes, there is just prolly one or two there, but you go there for the view and not the cafe and food anyway.

Further up, you can actually take a bus or 'start' hiking from there going to the famous "postcard" spot of Isle of Wight - the Needles.

Along the Bay

Needle and Freshwater Bay Hike area

You can hike from Freshwater bay around 5KM far and reach the old battery and the needle. Otherwise, take the Needle Breezer (Bus).

Needle Visitor Centre

An interesting Garden near the Visitor Centre

View from the Needle area towards the Needle Visitor Centre

The Old Battery

The Needle

The Rocket Testing Site beside the Needle

Tennyson Down Monument


We stayed around here and generally has a very small promenade and a nice shopping precinct/high street.

There was an event (some sort of Veteran/Charity event)

And having a night out at King Lud Bar along the Promenade

Where to Stay?

We did AirBnB this round and it was amazing.  We rented the entire stone house, which has a magnificent archway gate and when you open the living room, it has a view of the beach!  It comes with an access to a private beach too and a viewing deck (rooftop).  It's around 15 minute walk to the esplanade area or the shopping precinct.  I highly recommend this.
Costs and others: around 409 USD per night - 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms/ 4 single beds per bedroom

One of the Gates

How the house looks like from the Outside

Your private access to the beach

The gardens

The living room and the door opens to the garden!

This is your neighbor! hahah

The living room and the garden with the viewing deck!

One of the bathrooms

One  of the bedrooms

One of the bedrooms

The kitchen

The garden and the swing

Lazing Around!

Where to eat?

Three Buoys

Appley Ln, Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 1ND

Really nice place.  A bit slighly pricey, but it's a really nice restaurant. I suggest going for their 'specials' or 'just landed' fish too. Everything we ordered was good.  My personal favorite though are the razor clams (yum yum yum!).

Their Three Buoys Home Made Lemonade

Monk Filet wrapped in Parma Ham

Sea Bream Filet

Razor Clams with Garlic Bread


Sea Bass Filet

Mussles (1/2 Kg)

A Bar Bistro @Porthsmouth

Address: 58 White Hart Rd, Old Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 2JA
Before heading to the Porthsmouth Ferry, maybe you can drop by this bistro.  Make sure you order their daily specials as they are fresh seafood.  The food is generally good and very affordable.  Mains cost around 12-17 pounds.

@Porthsmouth (not in the Isle of Wight)

Large Moules Marinières
I love the Mussels - it really is fresh

Dressed Crab Salad

Fresh Prawns - very tasty and good!

Local Plaice
Quite Good and Fresh... though I will prefer a bit more spice and salt

The View

Warren Farm house 

near the Needle area
Address: Warren Farm, Alum Bay, Isle of Wight

Quite near from the Needle Visitor Centre is a nice farm house that serves cream teas and has a great view of the farm.  Try checking it out. It's along the footpath to Freshwater bay from the Needle Visitor centre.

Our Home-made Scones and a pot of tea

The kitchen ladies, happy serving scones and tea


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