Secret Cinema - Star Wars 2015

This is prolly one of the most-awaited events in London, the Secret Cinema.  They actually have people flying from around the globe just to attend this.  This year, 2015, to coincide with the new Star Wars Film (VII), the film is Star Wars V.

Can't say much since we want to keep the suspense.
Note, you cannot bring in food or drinks.

What is so exciting about Star Cinema? They built the entire area with Star Wars props and settings.  While the film is showing, they will re-enact key scenes.   (Before the film, try walking around and you will see various place such as Cantina and etc, and some scenes will be re-enacted as well).

Tip: Book Early and Definitely Dress up.  Furthermore, they will have activities leading to the actual date so make sure their emails don't go to the spam folder.

You will be given an Identity

The Secret Location


Add the meeting point near Canada Waters

In the Queue, given the pass

On the way home!

The Characters


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