Boots Petal Drop

When: June 24, 2015 (Wednesday)
Where: St. Christopher's Place (along Oxford Street)

The flower gun

The Flower Cannon!

This Wednesday something very special is taking place here at St Christopher’s Place. Boots Pharmaceuticals are hosting a once in a lifetime event at 8pm where by they will be releasing 1 million petals into the air for a multicolour sensory display as they help to raise awareness of ‘insneezia’ – night time hayfever. This spectacular display will last around 20 minutes and will have red, blue, yellow and pink petals.
Pollen levels are at its peak between 8 and 9pm, due to pollen falling as the sun goes down and the air begins to cool. Boots Pharmaceuticals are inviting you to come down and join in the #SummerGoodTimes and watch the display, dancing is encouraged!


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