Harry Potter @ Waford Junction

For the Harry Potter Fans, this is definitely a must-see! This is DIFFERENT from the one that you see in the Universal Studios in Florida.  No rides!  These are the actual props and sets used in the movie.  You need at least 3 hours.  Make sure you spend a lot of time in the first studio (before the Backlot cafe and before Hogwarts Express) because that is where the major stuff is. The other half are simply the animatronics, white-card model, and the great Hogwarts model.  The Hogwarts model is prolly the highlight of the tour. 

Usual Questions
1) A lot of people ask about the specific timings and if there is a time limit.
You can only enter around the time that you are given (especially when it is busy).  But try to be there half an hour earlier as you need to start queueing up.  

The first part is you enter the great hall and you have a time limit to stay for a few minutes and then you are ushered to the actual studio with props and you can stay as long as you want.  There are two studios.  

Once you get out of the first studio and enter the backlot cafe, youou can't come back.  The first studio is interesting with all the props and set and is probably where you will end up staying longer.  The 2nd part has animatronics, whitecard model, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts model.

2) Can you bring food ? Any decent food?
Yup, you can bring your own food.  The Studio and Backlot cafe have decent food - Burgers (7.50), hotdog & onions (5.00), and many others.  You can get butter beer (2.95) or with souvenir cups (4.95) or mugs (6.95).

the Harry Potter bus which stops at Watford Junction (or Victoria Station)

The Entrance
Other than the chess pieces, it is not as grand but "what is inside" is definitely interesting!

Website: http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/
How to get here and costs:
1) Get a ticket from the victoria station which brings you from there and includes the admission tickets which costs around 60+ pounds. Link here.
2) Take a train from London Euston (also a tube stop) and going to Watford Junction. There is a Harry Potter bus which takes 15-20 minutes to the studio. It costs around 7 pounds for return train and 2 pounds for the bus.  The fastest train from Euston is 20 minutes so make sure you check the faster trains, otherwise, it takes 45 minutes or more. This is the cheapest way since the ticket only costs around 33 pounds for the adults so a lot less if you add then train and bus too.

The Hand prints

The Store

There are really interesting items in the store but it is a bit pricey.  But there are interesting things to see in the store itself.

On the way to the Entrance


You might not want to see the rest of the pictures, it will spoil all the surprise!
Otherwise ..... continue!!!

The Great Hall

You will be initially ushered into the Great Hall where you are given a specific amount of time to stay. After this, you can stay as long as you want.

The First studio

I can prolly spend so much of my time here as I see all the props and sets. Amazing!

The Yule Ball

Props and Costumes

Leaky Cauldron

Gryffindor's Boys' Dormitory 

The Common Room

The Order of the Phoenix

Griffin Stairwell 

Dumbledore's Office

The Potion's Room

Hagrid's Hut

The Gringot Vault Door 

The Door to the Chamber of Secrets

The Hogwarts Door

The Visual Effects 

Dumbledore's Telescope 


The Burrows

The Horcruxes

The Dark Magic

The Ministry of Magic  

Professor Dolores Umbridge's Office 

The Deatheater Masks

Borgin and Burkes

And many more...

Hogwarts Express and Mementos 

In between the Two studios

The Privet Drive, Hogwarts Bridge, and the Knight Bus! Amazing!

The Second Studio


Diagon Alley

The Hogwart's Architect

White-card Model

Hogwarts Model (The Highlight)

Olivander's Wand Store


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