MoMa (Museum of Modern Arts) NYC

Van Gogh's Arts

Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh
Prolly their most famous art in MoMa
It can get very crowded there

Pablo Picasso's

The Three Musicians


Monet's Water Lilies


Warhol's cowbell wallpaer
At the Education Building on the 2nd floor
It's just a reprint though but nice to take pictures off

Andy Warhol's Las Supper 

Lichtenstein's - becoming my favorite artist

Roy Lichtenstein - Loving this

Henri Matisse's


MoMa - a beautiful building

View of Outside - but it is raining :(

Love this setting

The 2nd floor resting area

Special Exhbition

Not sure what this is.. but why is this art?

At the Pop Artists Area


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