Southpaw BBQ & Southern Cooking (Mission - SF)

Address: 2170 Mission St
Food Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Just along the Mission Street (and 18th Street) is a nice BBQ place called South Paw.  I won't say it's amazing but it has good BBQ plates and the price is not that bad.  We ended up paying 40 dollars for order of 2 Meat plates.  Also, they allowed me to do half / half (basically order a plate where I can choose two kind of meats, instead of just one kind of meat).  What is good is they have various sauces as well, from Memphis, Texas, Chili Gralic and Hot Sauce.

Ribs and Brisket with Mac and Cheese and Sweet potato tater tots.
Love the tater tots - and what's good is it's Sweet Potato.
Mac and Cheese - like it as well.  Not too cheesy, just about right that it tastes good.
Brisket- soft and chewy. I like it too.
Ribs - meh.. felt like a bit burned so didn't really like it.

BBQ Chicken with Bacon & Cheese grits and Fried Pickles
Grits was good and so are the pickles.  Chicken is good, but nothing fantastic.


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