Exploratorium @Pier 15 San Francisco

How to get there? Take F or E tram line from Embarcadero Station
Price: 29$ for Adults

Tip: if you are looking for fun.. check out their After Dark Thursdays.

Science Rocks! And, definitely in this plays, kids and adults, alike will love Science.  I wish we had this back in the Philippines or my parents brought me to one of these when I was a lot younger as it would have helped me to love science so much much more. 

There's a variety of *interactive* exhibits from organisms, physics, to natural / earth-related science.  You will see simulations of tornados and geysers, to audible and kinetic experiments.  Some things which I find very interesting were the following
  • The Toilet bowl fountain - Really?!!! 
  • Thermin - Well let's see how musically gifted you are with playing a thermin.
  • The "art installation" made of toothpicks and glue.
There's still a  lot lot more! This one floor (and prolly a quarter of a 2nd floor) has so much interesting experiments to see.  You can practically spend a whole day there playing around or leave at least 2 hours to check out the exhibits.

Will you drink from this fountain?

An actual fountain in the exploratorium.  This toilet bowl has never been used but I am sure a large % of people will not drink from this fountain! 

The Exploratorium @ Pier 15

The Tinkering Watch

The Exhibits (it's playtime)

How do you fit a straight rod into a curved hole? Check this out!

Wanna see your insides? your skeleton? or your heart?

Having a facade of motion!

And this measures the tide under the Golden Gate Bridge! 

Dry Ice on water - showing how Meteors reacts as it enters the earth's atmosphere! Does it really twirl?

The Views from the Exploratorium Cafe

Is this Marilyn or Einstein?

Newton's Prism! Interesting!

I really wanna learn how to play a thermin!

This was made with toothpick and elmer's glue!!!

How many balls can you fly?

April 14, 2016 (After Dark)

Strandbeest Exhibit

June 2, 2016
"This summer, experience Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen at the Exploratorium from May 27 to September 5, 2016. This special exhibition features enormous kinetic sculptures called strandbeests—“beach animals” in Dutch—that mesmerize with their eerily lifelike motion. Constructed largely of PVC tubing and equipped with sensory organs and ever-evolving survival strategies, these amazing beests walk a wandering, wind-blown line between art and engineering, mechanics and biology.http://www.exploratorium.edu/strandbeest

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