Thai Corner Cafe (Reno, Nevada)

Address: 100 W 2nd St, Reno, NV 89501 (It is just near the Whitney Peak Hotel)
Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Food is relatively good and very affordable.  It's around 12.95+ for main course (and you can choose chicken, beef, tofu, and veggies and even tell them how spicy it is)
  • Also, recommend the Thai Iced Tea - it is really just OK taste-wise, but they serve it in a beautiful glass so really liked it.

Thai Iced Tea

Pot Stickers and Satay
It was good!

Fresh Spring Rolls
Always have loved Spring Rolls!

Tom Yum (Veggies)
It's Ok.  I can prolly just skip it.

Pra Ram Shrimp
in a spicy peanut sauce on a bed of steamed spinach
Quite interesting - you will like it if you like Peanut sauce

Spicy Basil Beef
I really liked this!

Chicken with Cashew Nuts
This has always been my Thai favorite dish

Drunken Noodle
We asked for it to be super spicy (I can't eat it after that hehe)

Thai Green Curry
Could prolly be better


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