Reykjavik, Iceland - A Quick Guide

Arport Transfer
*NOTE: It's is infrequent like every hour!


  • Might be better to book day trips when you are there. It's pretty easy with the hotel or the tourist info office, and slightly cheaper.  But the good thing is that if the weather is good, you can plan around that.  We ended up when it was storming and we had issues trying to cancel the other one because it was from a different tour group (though we booked thru the "SAME" booking agency)
  • Bring layers and layers of clothes. It can be extremely cold.

3 frakkak - puffin fish and whale pepper steak

What to see or do?

Blue Lagoon

  • This is a stop on the way back or to from the airport
  • The only issue with on the way back to the airport is that you might want to put enough buffer for you to change and might have to queue up to get out and pay.  In addition, the bus might get full so have enough time for the next bus.


Icelandic Cathedral, in the center of the city, and it looks amazing. Very different architecturally!



Sun Voyager, near the Harpa (Opera House).


Icelandic Opera House
  • It is a lot prettier in the evening as the lights changed.

Mayor Eggertsson trying out the app to change the lighting of the Opera House Facade

Northern Lights Tour

    Where to eat?

    Cafe Loki

      • Addresss: Lokastigur 28 101 Reykjavik
      • Rating: 3.5 out of 5
      • Feedback: 
        • It was nothing fantastic but for me, it was just that I just need to try something traditionally Icelandic and this was the best place to get it.
        • For winter, they have their special traditional platter (soured whale, ram's testicles, and many other weird stuff) served only in Winter. Check out the youtube video here.

    Islendingar Borda Ss Pylsur

    Famous Polish Hotdog Joint
    Cheap and Good - really liked it and the line can actually be long

    Islenski Barrin
    Not a bad place to go to... it's actually good food and not too expensive.

    Lebowski Bar


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