SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) Business Class

I took SAS business class from San Francisco to Copenhagen on the 28th of January, 2016, leaving San Francisco at 5.30 PM and arriving Copenhagen, Denmark at 1.45 PM.  I paid around 5K USD with a stopover in Copenhagen on the way to Zurich. It wasn't cheap.  Turkish airlines can go low as 3.5K.

Flight details as follows:
Flight SK936, Airbus A340-300


  • Plane was quite old.  A bit too small for business class.  I've taken Turkish airlines before and seems like they have more space.
  • The bed, you can't really lie flat. It still has some angle left.. not really 180 but more like 160-170 degrees angle.
  • The media system - really old and the touch screen was frustrating to use. I kept on trying to press it again and again so that it works.
    • There was not much collection of movies as well. Really limited number.  And the TV shows were all put under their categories so you can't even select what particular episode or tv show you want to see (other than fast forward but you wouldn't know what shows or episodes are available).
  • Food-wise - it's really just an airplane food.  Nothing fantastic.
  • Service - Seems to vary - The stewardess was really nice and all smiles.  The stewards were a bit rough (maybe that is "Scandinavian" men?!)

The Seats!

The entertainment system! Look at the remote control - so old.

Nuts and Cocktail (Airborn)

Appetizers - Scallops and Fresh Greens (or Prosciutto).  Scallops was a bit cold but still tasty.

The Main Course - Sea Bass (It was OK)

Dessert - I had Ice cream and a plate of fruits.  Didn't go with the cheese and apple pie though.

Breakfast - Fritta, Salami, and Cheese

The Menu


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