Monterey California

2016-01-16 to 17
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What to do in Monterey?

  • Monterey Aquarium
    • Not sure what is so special compared to other aquariums.  I guess the otters?  This is quite expensive aquarium though as it costs around 40 dollars for adults and 25 for kids.
  • Fisherman's Wharf and Historic Site
    • Some historical sites in the Monterey, quite small but not bad to  go around
    • Not similar to the Fisherman's wharf in San Fran as it is a lot smaller but the clam chowders are really good and nice view of the ocean.

Marina Dunes

Address: 3295 Dunes Road Marina, CA 93933
15 minutes away from Monterey is a nice quaint Wyndham hotel, walkable to the beach.  Downside, it is too quite and only has one restaurant, Kula Ranch.

Kula Ranch

Monterey Aquarium


Great Pacific Octopus

 Rock Crab


 Puffers and other birds


Fisherman's Wharf

Portola hotel

Historic Site


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