Limon Rotisserie, San Francisco (Mission)

Address: There's a couple of locations like in 1001 S Van Ness Ave (Mission Area)

1001 South Van Ness Avenue

If you like Peruvian chicken and food, Limon Rotisserie is one possible option. I actually like their chicken and love the sauces that go with it.  We spent around 70 dollars for an order of Empanadas, Quarter Chicken, Beef Tenderloin, and Bread Pudding.

Lomo Saltado (Peruvian Beef Tenderloin)
Quite good with soft and chewy beef and was interesting that fries was mixed with it

Quarter Chicken
I actually liked their chicken, very tasty

Cheese Empanada (really liked it)

Sauces for the Chicken

Bread Pudding - Very sweet and tasty

524 Valencia Street (16th Street)

Truffle Mac & Cheese
I can smell the truffle .. Yummy!

Octopus - Pulpo a la Parilla
Spicy and Good!

Ceviche Mixto
Shrimp, Fish 
Ceviches are OK!

Half Chicken with Sweet Potato and Yuca Fries
Yuca fries - apparently some form of cassava fries.. interesting though


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