Pam's Real Thai Food @NYC

Address: 404 West 49th Street
Food rating: 4.5 out of 5

Overall Comment:
Not a pretentious kind of restaurant, just a simple restaurant at an affordable price but with really good Thai food.  This is one place that I will definitely come back for more Thai Food.  The food was relatively cheap as well, we only paid 16 bucks each (including tip).  It was something like around 55 dollars for fried rice (shrimp paste), duck curry, crispy pork with basil, papaya salad, and 3 orders of Thai Iced tea.

Papaya Salad - well, it's the normal Thai Papaya salad -- meaning it is good!

Crispy Pork with Basil - I'm a sucker for Basil and Pork, especially when it is crispy, so definitely, this is one of my favorites! 

Duck Curry - I like the Duck and it goes well with the curry.  Wasn't that hot as well so I liked it.. but if you like spicy, you can prolly ask them to make it really spicy.

Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste (Kao kluk ka pi)
Don't really like it as it was a tad sweet for me.  Not sure it's supposed to be like this but overall it's good, but will prolly want to order something else next time.


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