The Amalfi Coast

Modes of Transportation

  • Commuting
  • Mini Van
    • Rome to Naples: 580 Euros for 5 people mini van. ~4 hours. We hired a mini van from Rome to Positano that cost us around 580 for 5 people
    • Positano to Naples: 120 Euros for 5 people mini van. ~1.5 to 2 hours.  Took us around 2 hours though they mentioned it is 1.5 hours only.


The Beach

This is probably not the most amazing beach that I have seen. Pebbly, black sand beach. And not the nicest, bluest of waters. So I would have to say that you don't come here for the beach!

Where to stay?

I suggest where the hotel is in the "driving road" and not walking alley. Positano has a lot of steps and slope and thus, even a short walk can be very tiring.

Also, there seems to be more things to do and shops along the Plaza Mulini and Via Cristoforo Colombo.  You will walk from the beach and the steps are on the left (if you are facing on the beach) and there are small alleyways.  When I was visiting it, they seem to be renovating the alleyways and putting some thing where they can add hanging plants so that alley will look nice when

Construction along the alleys towards Plaza Mullini

View from Via Cristoforo Colombo

Hotel Casa Albertina

Address: Via della Tavolozza, 3, 84017 Positano SA (get off from the main road at Da Vicenzo restaurant)
Cost: 210+ Euros per night (650 Euros for 3 nights) with a sea-view

We stayed in Casa Albertina which was on the other side, it is a very tiring hike from the beach all the way up.  And even from the main road itself, it was tiring to walk (especially with luggages) so would not recommend it unless you are ok with hiking up and down. The view is amazing though.

Hotel Casa Albertina

View from my balcony

Breakfast area


Albergo California (Hotel California) along via Cristoforo Colombo was featured in the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun"

Where to eat?

Ristorante Bruno, just beside Hotel California.

Linguini with Clams was the best for me as well as the Pesto.  Risotto gambas (shrimp) was really good too though the shrimp doesn't to be as fresh. The gnocchi was kinda weird, you can probably skip that.

Linguini with Clams
Risotto Gambas

Seafood Gnocchi



A Day Trip in Capri

This is definitely a place worth visiting while you are in Amalfi.  There's a few ways to do it, hire a private boat tour or do a group boat tour to Capri but that might limit the time you spend in Capri, otherwise, just go down to the port of Sorrento, Amalfi, or Positano and buy the tickets.  I suggest buying the return during peak season.

What to do in Capri?

St. Agustin Gardens - Has a fantastic view of Capri.

Funicular - to go up to the Town (for 2 Euros) or take a bus or taxi (around 20 Euros)

Missed the Boat Tour to the Blue Grotto but you should take it if the tide and waters allow you. Taking the boat tour for 1.5 hours can bring you around and see the white and emerald grotto too.

You can go to Anacapri (elevated area of Capri) where you can take the chairlift and see a good view of the Capri.

Where to eat?

Da Giorgio
Address: Via Roma, 34, 80076 Capri NA

This place is quite hidden as it has just a small door, that leads to the back where the restaurant is but this is really a good place. Not too expensive compared to the places which shows that they have a view and there's not really people peddling outside to let you go in to the restaurant.

Food-wise, really good. I find that the Risotto Seafood was the best. The Grilled Seafood was not worth it, it was the priciest (33 Euros), but a bit disappointing, so would definitely not recommend that.


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