Le Cinque Terre (La Spezia, Italy)


Definitely the most picturesque among the three towns and is the most vibrant and most shops/stores/restaurants I think, though not the largest. This is what you think Cinque Terre is.  This has a small place for you to go to beach.

Monterosso al Mare

The biggest town but the LEAST "Cinque Terre"-feels among the five.  Seems to be relatively flat.  Though people come here to go for the beach.  I did go last time but the beach didn't really look that amazing.

But if you are here for visiting, do go and eat at Restaurant Belvedere and eat their House Speciality. The Seafood bowl cooked in their special claypot.


Another picturesque place. I think this is 2nd to Vernazza for me. 


Nice town as well, I really think these towns are pretty small and for me.


I would probably avoid staying here as you take the train and then have to take the bus (or hike up for 20 minutes).  Don't miss the bus, once you get off the train, make sure you go straight to the bus stop, otherwise, you have to wait for the next train arrival time since they are timed accordingly.  

This place is quite nice too but not really the coastal town that you think of.  It's high up the mountain.


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