New Adventures of Juan Dodong

This is a story of Juan Dodong, also known as JD,  and his funny adventures with his super friends!

March 18, 2018

  • Mdm Wang has been craving for Lechon Cebu and has invited the super friends to do a Brunch Buffet but at the same time order a pound of Lechon Cebu.  It was a normal Sunday, full of chitchats and laughter... but then... they went to a mall (Tanforan) 
    • Story #1
      • As they planned to go back home and their separate ways, JD, decided to go to the restroom, and so did Miss Honolulu and her kid, Boo.  As JD started urinating using one of the urinals, he caught Miss Honolulu and Boo slowly finding toilets in the same room where JD was urinating.
      • JD flushed, said "Girls, this is the guy's restroom"
      • Miss Honolulu was shocked and literally RAN out of the men's toilet
    • Story #2
      • JD was showing Aling Jen his Movie Pass membership and was explaining that this is really a good deal because you can go to the movies UNLIMITED time.
        • Mr. Wong, upon hearing the conversation, 
          • Mr Wong: "Oh, yah I heard about this.. This is once a month"
          • JD: "No, Unlimited:
          • Mr. Wong: "Once a month, right"
          • JD: "Unlimited"
          • Mr. Wong: "Yah it is worth it, once a month"
          • JD: "It is UNLIIIIIMIIIIITED"
          • and we just all laughed!!!!!


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