Pike Place Market

  • It's not just a market with shops, but an open area covering various blocks.
  • Interesting but a bit confusing as well. Not sure if I can really buy anything there.

Mee Sum Pastry
  • Tried their Curry Beef Hom Bow 
    • It's like a twist of Chinese Baked Bun (Siopao/pao)
    • Quite flaky on the outside, soft on the inside, and real Beef curry stuffed inside.
    • Quite Good and cost only < 4 dollars, quite big and filling too.

Pike Place Chowder

  • There was a long line but it moved fast
  • Supposed to be #1 Clam Chowder in Englang
  • Tried it and it was creamy and good.
  • You can try their samples, and choose 4 flavors (5 oz each) for only 13.95$

Gum Wall
  • It's just at the lowest floor - you can pass thru the Pike Place Public Market
  • It's an alley with well..... chewing gums stuck on the wall.

First Starbucks Store
  • 1912 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101
  • Corner of First Ave and Pike Place
  • A lot of the stuffs here are reused, & recycled, e.g. the table, column, bar
  • Coffee is still cr*p

Seattle Waterfront

  • It is where the Seattle Great Wheel (ferris wheel), food court, and just a good view of the city and the water.

Space Needle
  • Iconic attraction of Seattle so it is a must

Chihuly Museum and Garden

  • For Chihuly's fans! Amazing exhibits.

Kimpton Palladian Hotel
  • a few blocks away from Pike Place Market so pretty convenient
  • Love the hotel as it looks very 'boutique-y'
  • Room is  huge as well and pretty nice.

Golden Thai Restaurant
  • Tried their three flavors Deep Fried Trout
    • quite good.
    • Not too sweet but you have the sauce to add if you want to make it more sweet
    • Trout was kinda a bit more like "dried trout" but is a bit combination of flaky on the outside but soft inside 
    • I really like it.
    • Pretty cheap too.

Deep Fried Trout


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