Perks of a Federal Shutdown - Free Entrance to National Parks - January 2018

January 20 - 21, 2018


"A government shutdown is when non-essential discretionary federal programs close. The president must do this when Congress fails to appropriate funds. In the normal budget process, Congress appropriates funds by September 30 for the following fiscal year. When that doesn't happen, then Congress enacts a continuing funding resolution. If Congress can't agree on one, it forces a shutdown. It signals a complete breakdown in the budget process."


  • Some national parks are closed but some remain open but since there is no staff manning the booths etc it means that there is no Entrance fees.


  • Entrance was free, no ranger manning the booth
  • Village store and Degnan's Cafe were OPEN and they have facilities (toilets)
  • However, toilets and visitor center were CLOSED so it was hard especially for ladies to use any facilities but you can go to the village store or Deghan's cafe to use the loo.
  • For some reason, prolly a combination that it was winter and people thought it was closed + Women's March, when I went there Jan. 20, 2018 - there was not a lot of people which is actually good because you really get to enjoy the park.

Sequoia National Park

  • Entrance was free as well
  • Foothills visitor center was closed (as well as their toilets)
  • But some toilets like the one in the General Sherman and Hospital Rock were Open


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