Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Since I've moved off to California, I'm starting off new articles all about San Francisco, starting off with the neighborhood where I'm temporarily staying.

San Francisco is divided to several neighborhoods and each is distinct and unique on its own.  One is vastly different, just from the dirty slums of tenderloin to the nice Victorian houses of Pacific Heights.   A good article talking about these stereotypes can be found in Bold Italic article, funny but quite true explanation of each neighborhood.

Pacific Heights, according to bold italic is the neighborhood where "you aren't rich enough to live here-landia" and whose main attraction is "Danielle Steel lives here."  But in all honestly, the place is nice, quaint, and quiet, which is far different from it's neighbouring areas like the Civic Center and polk street area.

I've started using the "City Walks Guide" which was quite useful.

Things to follow up next time: here.

Danielle Steele's Mansion

Definitely, *not* the main attraction is Danielle Steel's sprawling mansion which is apparently the "Spreckels Mansion" at 2080 Washington Street, just opposite La Fayette Park.

Interesting fact about this mansion is that there are 55 bedrooms and 1 Grand ballroom and this used to be owned by the Spreckels family, who were some sort of the "sugar" magnate in SF.   The wife of the son of the Sugar magnate, named Alma, is actually the model used for the Goddess of Victory statue atop the Dewey monument found in the middle of SF's Union Square! More info here.

La Fayette Park

A pretty, small, dog-friendly park which has a good view of the city (though Alta Plaza Park has way better view)

Along Octavia Street

Along this street, as you walk down from Danielle's Steel Mansion, you will see beautiful Victorian houses! Really posh, I must say!

(Along Green street, turn right from Octavia street)

Octagon House

A museum which is open on 2nd and 4th  Thursdays (12 to 3 PM) and 2nd Sundays of the month.  Built in 1857.  Apparently, it was believed that octagonal houses were more "conducive to healthy living".
Address: 2645 Gough Street 

Steiner Street 

(intersecting Broadway)
What I missed: Apparently Mrs. Doubfire House is also here.  Yes, the movie where Robin Williams was cross-dressing as a nanny named Mrs. Doubtfire. 2640 Steiner Street

Full House House
1709 Broderick between Bush and Pine Street, Low Pac Heights
Another one I missed.  See here.

Union Street

A nice street with lot of quaint shops and restaurants.  Feels pretty posh but really nice.

Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Along Union Street, there is an episcopal wooden church.

Alta Plaza Park

Alta Plaza Park has a stunning view of the city.  It is quite hilly! 

Along Bush Street (and Fillmore Street)

2101-2125 Bush Street has beautiful Victorian houses which apparently were originally build as affordable housing!

Fillmore Street

Another nice place with quaint shops and restaurants.

Cottage Row

Really really really tiny park (I wont' even call it a park, prolly just somebody's backyard).  But it is really pretty with these very beautiful (yes, picture-perfect) cottages.


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