Klook's Day Tour: Yehliu, Jiufen, and Shifen Day Tour

Klook's Day Tour of Yehliu, Jiufen, and Shifen (NT 699 or ~23 USD)

Please take note of these things:
  • This was really very packed agenda and NOT  meant for old and slow people.  We didn't get to see much since we only had an hour or less per area. And that is considering that we are really walking really fast etc.
  • Weekends: 
    • I would advise against taking this on weekends, since tour buses can't go to Jiufen on Sat and Sundays and that means extra time to transfer to a commuter bus and pay 15 NT one-way.  This also means that this may cut on your time to go around Jiufen.  We didn't even get to the end of Jiufen and see the famous tea house.  We were supposed to have 100 minutes there but we ended up like having 50 minutes. This was not enough, going thru that small street in Jiufen especially when it is crowded is really hard.
    • Also, weekends seem to be OVERCROWDED than normal.


Interesting rock formations. And the most famous of which is the Queen's head which is in Zone 2.  It has the bun, Gorilla, Elephant (I called it squid's head), candle sticks, and peanut.

This is Queen II

The Bun

Most famous of them all, the Queen's Head but the line to take picture is toooo long!


A coal mining area and we went to check out the CAT Village.  I did not see a lot of cats, but there were a few. Not sure but I guess the program of the government in neutering stray cats worked pretty well so the situation is not as bad as before.


A coal mining area but famous now as a food and night market.  There are plenty of good food and it's such a small street but really long.


Not sure what this is but it's sticky on the outside something like rice cake and there is red meat inside

It's cooked like this

This was a taro balls etc, I couldn't find the famous one since it's almost at the end of the market so just took a bowl from one where there was also a very good view :)


We checked out a suspension bridge and waterfall, and did our sky lantern.  Beware, a train still runs on the tracks. It was funny to see people getting out of the tracks and getting back :)

150 NT for one color and 200 NT for 4 colors and each color represents a wish for something.


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