Ichiran Ramen New York

Website: https://www.ichiranusa.com/
Address: Three locations: Brooklyn, Midtown, and Times Square. I went to the Midtown area.
132 W 31st St New York, NY 10001
Rating: 4 out of 5

This was a place that people highly recommended. Love their noodle, love their soup. I had the recommended set for 24$ and it was too much for me. Maybe should have just gotten the classic one and no need to do the Kae-dama (noodle refill).

How does it compare to Ippudo? Prefer this ramen. Soup wasn't as thick. The Cha-su pork was thinly sliced. Softboiled egg wasn't that great though. Not the Jap ramen soft boiled egg I am used to. It is just really just soft boiled egg.

Also, there is usually a long line but I went there on a Sunday around 5-30ish and no need to wait. I guess if you go to odd hours, it is OK.


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