Lisbon, Portugal


  • Suggest Taking a Day Pass, instead of taking per ride trip, since you can use it for the Trams too.


  • Churrasquinho Do Bairro
    • Address: 1350-318 Lisbon, Portugal
    • Piri-piri Chicken
    • Love this place. The chicken was amazing!
    • But don't overeat here, this is just beside a food market place and they have a lot of options too.
  • Campo de Ourique Market (Mercado do Campo de Ourique)
    • Address: R. Coelho da Rocha 104, 1350-075 Lisboa, Portugal
    • Market place with a lot of food option. Really wanted to try this but we were so full, they had some "Lechon" (Roast Pork) tapas served in one of the places there (a food stall once you go in from Churrasquinho Do Bairro).
  • Pasteis de Belem
    • Address: R. de Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa, Portugal
    • A must visit obviously because this is where you get the original Portuguese Egg Tarts.  Apparently the same recipe that was thought by the monks since 1600s!
  • Pasteis de Bacalhau or Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau
    • There's a bunch of places for this. There is one beside the Pasteis de Belem or the one near Rua Augusta
    • I tried the Casa Portuguesa along Rua Augusta. Ordered the one with the cheese, it kinda tasted too salty for me, but they said that's how Bacalhau tastes here anyway, so I didn't really like it.

Fado in Lisbon

Fado is a music genre that can be traced to the 1820s in Lisbon, Portugal, but probably has much earlier origins. Fado historian and scholar Rui Vieira Nery states that "the only reliable information on the history of Fado was orally transmitted and goes back to the 1820s and 1830s at best. Wikipedia

Tasco de Chico

R. do Diário de Notícias 39, 1200-141 Lisboa, Portugal

This is in a very interesting street with lots of Fado venues along Rua do Diario.  This was apparently visited by the Late Bourdain.  This is very small. If you want to get in, come in early before 7 PM (before they open) and get a seat earliest at 8pm, since Fado starts at 8.30 PM.

Tried their Flaming Sausage (Chourico assado) for 10 Euros and was really disappointed though.  They didn't serve it flaming and the service was really slow that it was already cold.

Flaming Sausage

Caldo De Verde

Povo Lisboa

Rua Nova do Carvalho, Lisbon, Portugal

Another local favorite, food is good and inexpensive. I tried the Octopus salad and it was good. Dessert was great too.
Octopus Salad

with Red and White Port

Moist Chocolate

Pear Crumble


  • Pasteis de Belem
    • Original Pasteis de Nata! There's usually a long line so either Go Really Early or Go Late
  • Paróquia de Santa Maria de Belém Secretariado Paroquial
    • It is FREE
  • Jeronimos Monastery
    • Late Gothic Manueline-style monastery housing archaeology & maritime museums in its wings.
    • 10 Euros (or Combined Ticket with Museum de Marinha for 12)
  • Torre de Belem
    • Landmark medieval fortified tower on tiny river island with rooftop terrace offering estuary views.
    • 6 Euros
  • Padrão dos Descobrimentos
    • Statue built in 1940 and made permanent in 1960 to mark 500 years since Henry the Navigator's death
    • Just a monument so you can take pictures outside

Torre De Belem

Paróquia de Santa Maria de Belém 

Pasteis De Belem


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