Munich, Germany and Day Trips

In Munich


Well, you'll see "naked OLD people, usually OLD GUYS" here Sunbathing!

Marien Platz

You can find almost everything about Munich here around Marien Platz, Sendlinger Tor,  and Odeonsplatz.

  • The Frauenkirche 
    • The twin towered church is definitely the tallest in the Munich area. There is city law that no building can be higher than the tower.
  • Marienplatz
    • Glockenspiel! - Definitely check out when the clock ticks, so check when it hits the our!
    • The Rathaus (city hall) is where the clock tower is
  • Sendlinger Tor 
    • Meh! Just a tower
  • Residenz Museum
    • Actually quite interesting Museum, not bad to go in if you have time
  • Hofbrauhaus
    • Definitely go for a drink and Schweinhachsen (Pork Knuckles)
  • Odeonsplatz
    • It's a very nice Square!!
  • One other thing I will suggest is actually go to this small catholic church, check out their opening hours, it's in between the Sendligner tor and Marienplatz
    • Assamkirche
      • It is just really a very beautfiul ornate church. See here.

Deutsch Museum 
  • Quite a good, big museum!
Schloss Nymphenburg (castle)
  • if I have time, i'll go here, otherwise, I rather do day trips to salzburg, Neushwanstein etc.

Interesting thing to do:
  • You might want to visit the monastery where they brew Andechs Beer.  Ammer See (lake) is also pretty so you migth want to walk around.  
The monastery’s largest business enterprise is the Andechs monastery brewery. It is the exclusive property of the Benedictine monks of St Boniface in Munich and Andechs. Brewed and bottled exclusively in Andechs.

  • How to get there?
    • Take S-Bahn (S8) to Seefeld - Hechendorf and take a bus 928/958 and 951 (get off at Andechs, Kloster)
    • Some people also just take a hike from the S-Bahn station to the Monastery - takes 1-2 hour hike

Dachau Concentration Camp

First concentration camp and it's pretty easy to get to, just take train to and then walk a bit.   Take the S2 train from Munich in the direction of Dachau/Petershausen until you reach the Dachau station. It's less than half an hour from the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnof).  After that, take bus 726 towards "Saubachsiedlung" to the entrance of the memorial site or walk for half another half an hour.

Around Munich

For some of this, might be easier to book a bus tour.


and take a Sound of Music Tour if you are a big fan :)


One of the unfinished castles of King Ludwig II, they said this is the inspiration for the Disney Castle.  See wiki here.  Take a train to Fussen from the main train station which is prolly more than an hour away and then take a bus to go up the castle.  It is of a long walk if you want to walk.


Anotehr one of the unfinished castles.  The thing I love about this is that King Ludwig loves the Versailles Palace in Paris and even copied the Hall of Mirrors.  This is where you can get a picture of the Hall of Mirrors without a lot of people :)

See info here.

How to get there?

As per the site:
Take the train ( to Prien am Chiemsee (around an hour's ride from Munich). From Prien station there is a special Chiemsee train to the Prien/Stock boat pier which runs during the summer season. The pier is otherwise about a 30-minute walk from the station. From Prien/Stock there are regular boats to the Herreninsel. Timetables of the Chiemsee train and the Chiemsee boats can be found on For information on intercity bus lines and further means of travel please have a look on the Internet.


This is one of my favorites but really far from Munich like 3 hours away. But one of the most beautiful lakes that I have seen. See info here. and Instructions to get there.


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