Kavárna Pražírna
Lublaňská 676/50, 120 00 Vinohrady-Nové Město, Czechia
+420 720 385 622

Prague Castle is the place to be to see a Changing the Guard ceremony in Czech. Changing the Guard takes place in the first courtyard of Prague Castle at 12:00 daily.

Old town: 
Lokal - Fried Cheese
Mincovna - Goulash
EMA Esperesso Bar - near Palladum  buchty - seet yeast dough buns
cafe savoy - Schnitzel, Fruit Dumplings, Vetrinik

Cafe Savoy
Tried the Fruit-Filled Dumplings and a small Vetrinik

  • This is obviously high-end in terms of Czech restaurants but it is a beautiful place and most-likely a place you go for Brunch/Breakfast
  • They seem to really have good Brunch options
  • They are supposed to be known for Fruit-filled dumplings
    • Personally I didn't like it. Not much of savory and sweet person, the dumping was thick (as is the normal Czech/Polish dumpling) with some strawberry fillings, and drizzled with some sweet syrup and the plateful of cheese.
    • It was interesting but I could not eat more than 2 dumpings.
  • The Beef tartare was not the best I have tried but it was good.  I wish the bread wasn't as hard as it is (it seems like it was "fried" bread) - it was not bad, I just prefer my bread for tartar not too hard).
  • Vetrinik - 
    • It apparently is the must-try as the chimney cake is NOT really Czech
    • This reminded me a bit of profiteroles.  It was really good and the cream was light and not too sweet.
  • This was interesting with the white wafer which is a combination of Cocounute and eggwhites. and then in the middle is chocolate mousse.  taste really good!

NABO apartment

  • For a studio apartment, I love that it has a small hallway in between you room/kitchen and the bathroom where you can hang your coat. Basically it is huge for a studio.
  • Location-wise, not really close to old town as it is a bit of a walk, though close to the National Museum.  You can take the metro - 1 - 2 stops away and get off at the old town area.  Short trips only cost 24 CZK which is around 1+ dollars!
  • Unfortunately have so many issues while I was there
    • Check-in time is only from a certain time.  So do check! Also you have to pay 15 Euros in addition if you check in beyond this specified time.
    • And since I was arriving after 9pm, I ordered a transfer since it was past check-in time and I didn't want to have any problems.  Unfortunately, the driver just dropped me and when I asked him if he can help me since the door to the apartment was closed and I can't contact the person. He just told me, "I don't know! My job was to drop you off here so I am going to go."  Basically a grumpy old man.  Honestly, the transfer was double the price I would be paying if I just uber-ed but I opted for that because I thought it would have been different since hotel was arranging the transfer so I won't have problems checking in.  
    • I was stuck waiting outside, late at night and there was no way to contact anybody. The only way was to call the number. Unfortunately the number that the apartment emailed me was wrong.  I tried using the number to call the property but nobody was picking up on that number as well.  Apparently, the number ending 201 was wrong, it was supposed to be 210.  And the, 207 number was for the main reception which is only for official check in time.  I did get a 5 euro off from that but it was just scary standing outside, when the area is not well-lit waiting and trying to see how you can enter your apartment.  I was just lucky that after 10 minutes, the apartment called and ask if I have arrived, and I told him I am in the hallwayy (I was able to enter the hallway after begging other apartment guests to let me in since it was dark and thus, scary to wait outside)
    • Changing of towels or cleaning up the place - I was there for 5 days and 4 nights, basically Thursday night to Monday morning.  I texted them if I can have a change of towel since it was already Saturday evening and there was no cleaning/ nor replacement of towel.  They said, we only clean every 3 days, and can only change the towels on Monday.  I had to argue that Monday, I was checking out.  Today (Saturday) was the 3rd day and Monday was actually the 5th day.  Only after that they said, they'll give me a towel the next day (Sunday).  FYI, I got the towel, but the place was just as it is.  Basically my point is that not sure, but I would assume that normally that even when it is not a hotel, they would clean it up every Xth day and specify that.  Even Airbnbs, already have spare towels always for you to use and replace even though you are staying in for a few days.


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