New Orleans

Preservation Hall
Frenchmen Street
Cafe Beignet or Cafe duMonde
Acme Oyster
  • Chargrilled Oyster

Swamp Tour (Jean Lafayette Tour)
  • I actually think that it wasn't really worth paying 40 bucks for the tour. (it's usually 52 dollars but we got 10 dollars off).  Apprenlty, if you drive there and buy the ticket there, it's only around 20 dollars
  • Quite interesting though, because you go thru the swamps and you can see the Alligators, but that's basically it.  
Cementery Tour
  • If you are in New Orleans, and you want at most one tour, then do this.  St Louis Cemetry is interesting just because of how they do the cemetry in New Orleans where there could be hundreds in one site, just because apparently, they reuse it, and chug the old down to the back of it.  
  • Interesting to find:
    •  Nicholas Cage burial site - Yes, he bought one and was apparently used in the National Treasure Movie
    • Marie LaVeau - The Voodoo Queen

  • Spitfire Coffee , just behind St Louis Cathedral
  • French Truck Coffee

Options for saving money on tours:

Photo Credits: From my friend who stayed in an AirBnB in NOLA


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