VidCon 2017

When: June 20 - 23, 2017
Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California

General observation: This Vidcon seems to be more organized and also just in Anaheim Convention Center and Arena. Last year, I had talks that I have to go to Sheraton (and not sure but possibly Marriott) and so seems like now, it is prolly more contained.


  1. Download the app.  
    1. They have tons of panels and talks so you might want to check and do a bit of research which is which. 
    2. You can also check the talks that your favorite star is doing.
    3. You can also the most liked - e.g. Getting Slimed at the Nickelodeon Booth
  2. READ your EMAILS.  They will send out emails like meet and greet of stars or the YouTube Onstage concert. If you did not read nor sign up for the lottery, you LOSE the chance of winning.
    1. There was YouTube OnStage with all your YT Stars + Jason Derulo
    2. There is also some YT partner reception where you get to meet & greet with CREATORs
  3. Get a hotel close - Hilton/Sheraton! and if you stay in Hilton, a high floor can be very annoying because the lifts stops everywhere and their lifts/elevator is sooooo slow. Also, a lot of kids are trying to find YT stars there and so they can be a bit 'too much'
  4. If you are interested in an event/talk, you might want to get there early as there could be lines and when it is full, they won't let people in. I tried queuing up for a talk on analytics and I could still see a line even after the talk has started for 30 minutes!
  5. There are a lot of SCREAMING pre-teenagers so be prepared as there will be tons of folks running around. There can be a stampede. See video below this section when teens saw Paul Logan!
  6. When you go to a concert like the YT on stage - do not bring bags and just go straight to the entrance. There was NO LINE for no Bags!

What to bring?

  • Ear Muffs or plugs if you are going to the concert 'cuz girls will SCREAM!
  • Good camera with lots of storage, lots of things to take pictures and videos.
  • Sunblock ... it is California! :)
  • really comfortable shoes, clothes. It's OK to wear something "summer-y"
  • Bring a light jacket - can get cold in the rooms.  

What apps I tried?

  • - This is not bad. Have a background music and so much easy to create ones - I actually may like it better than snapchat and instagram stories.
  • Live.Me app - errrrr. This looks really more like a live chat for hooking up with folks.  See the picture below.
Live.Me App (looks more like a dating or some Not Work Approrpirate type of sites.

Top 4 Things I love

The Exhibit Hall! Lots of Interesting Stuff, Freebies, and just FUN!

The Talks! Lots of good panels and talks and you hear it directly from the horse's mouth.

The STARS! You can see a lot of YT Stars here! and they are so approachable.

YouTube OnStage (love Jason Derulo and all the YT Stars)

What I learned?

I learned Snapchat ART!

Not an easy job. People had 3 jobs before going full-time and not all are really successful!

There is really a huge difference with Gen X vs Gen Y!
It's TV (Traditional Platform) vs Social Media/Digital Space!


Getting Slimed at the Nickelodeon Booth 

Escape Room sponsored by YT Red

American Ninja Warrior

Egg Roulette

Ball pits (there was not one but two ball pits!!!)


"Influencers" - described as there is a sense of TRUST, Ownership, but also they consider you as a friend.  Influence - there is a cause and effect. Seems like YouTubers are called "Influencers"
(discussed in the Influencer and Influencer Marketing at the Keynote stage, Thursday June 22)

What is a MCN? Multi-Channel Network? "A multi-channel network (MCN) is an organization that works with video platforms such as YouTube, to offer assistance to a channel owner in areas such as "product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development"[1] in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue from the channel (Wiki) e.g. Awesomeness  TV

Difference between MCN vs Agency?

Influencer Markeitng Companies vs MCNs

The Influencer Marketing Companies VS. MCNs An influencer marketing company works with brands to build the best possible media, creative strategy, and options through online influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers and other social media channels. These companies are "network-agnostic," meaning that they work across and alongside the vast networks of MCNs, YouTube and talent management groups, and traditional Hollywood agencies that have recently gotten their feet in the game of managing YouTube influencers (both Bethany Mota and Joey Graceffa with UTA, Jenna Marbles with CAA are some of the notable high profile talent representation deals). Influencer marketing companies negotiate best rates with their network of digital influencers and are not hindered by preferential contracts allowing the agency to orchestrate the best strategic alignments between both sponsoring brand and genuinely interested influencers who are passionate about delivering measurable results. Top influencer marketing companies and platforms like Mediakix, TapInfluence, and FameBit are innovating and providing custom solutions for brands to find and work with the right digital influencers, content creators, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and bloggers. These companies are now doing much of what MCNs originally promised to do which is to adeptly facilitate the best marketing campaigns and brand sponsorships with top creators, channels, and social media influencers. (kix)

Talks and Panels

Thursday - June 22

Creator Track: Are Creators really making Money on New Platforms

Thursday, July 22, 9.30 - 10.30 Room 204
Sammie Frith (1 year in app)
Laura Clery (Creator - Comedy)
Brad Murphy (CEO - Seismeic)
Heather Wilder (Head of Creator Care - Patreon)
Rob Gabel (CEO- Tubular labs)

TL;DR: There are new platforms that people are considering like the new Youtube like FB which is has certain advantages as they *are* perceived better in terms of engagement etc. Question is are they making money on non-YT platforms. Seems like the answer is YES!

(Laura Clery)

What was your experience on monetizing? First year, was banking on her savings.
Laura making money thru FB.  They are testing it and piloting with her.
She does brand content - brand deals.

Do you think FB is going to step up and pipeline of review? absolutely. Thru instream ads.

Laura - only a month and been incredible.

Is this the new Youtube? it is definitely up there with 2B users. It wasn't appealing before but engagement was there, it was being shared and viral and viral after. Reach was incredible. 

(Sammie Firth) - brand new platform. 
Diamonds - if you make 40K - you can cash out 200 dollars.
You don't need to have fans.
5000 fans and got 5000 dollars a week.
First year in social media

(Brad Murphy)
It is about diversification. 
We are waiting for apocalypse when you put it in one basket, then you are exposed to this.
When it is not a hobby anymore, you have to do it like a business.
If you are working with brands, what does it mean with the brand. They are building a PARTNERSHIP - long game, delivering results and ROI.


(Rob Gabel)
is FB VIew a YT view? How do you guys think of of solving this?

They put an "agreed set of metrics" that they can map to.

Most brands are looking for cross platform aggregation.  Agencies pull it together usually for one creator.
Would be good per country also.

(Heather Wilder)
Patreon - whole set of creators beyond video e.g. graphic novel personalities.

Should we screw and just go for subscriptions? Personally believe diverse portfolio. 

Patreon is solving is what ad revene does not. Valuing relationship between your fans and your creator. I am going back month to month at 6 dollars for e.g. 

We have a million coming to Patreon month per month. 
Where you go behind the scenes. Not just youtube, doing live streams, making music, graphic novels.

Subscription model - establishing long term income then you can play the long game. is immediate transaction but if you take one person and turn them to support you for the long term for a year or two etc, tighter circle. and FB are daily kind of cycle.  Fans expect everyday from you.

Some perception difference: YouTube - 1 M views for 5 years vs FB - 1 M views for 12 hours.

What data do you look at to go deeper or do you look at anything else?
I am a pre-school teacher and I won't stop.  I just think of this as just a hobby.

Consistency is huge.

Insights like 70% women. More female empowerment.

What is coming next? 
Mobcrush (twitch for mobile)
Twitch for gaming.

A/B Testing - working with brands - figuring iteratively way of doing A/B Testing. 

Brand deals can be tricky. There is no silver bullet. 

PATREON - You can be a creator, and put it where you are comfortable to put in. 

Seems like there is a learning curve for YouTube. Seems like you need get better camera, etc. so Sammie uses some funnel app instead.  (hint hint REELS(

e.g Laura - she was invovle in Russel Simons and then she know how to edit, direct, and act and got to youtube.

State of Online Video
DIY content -one pot cooking (everything in one pot)
Quarterly reports from Tubular.

Prom Videos - take off on January.

Have you Bought your ads to boost your content? when I started with FB. Yes, the reach really helped. 

I stopped since I was growing organically.

I still think about it if I want to buy ads - but I don't want to see it as a "sponsored video"

I know it is effective but I am contemplating it.

(Brad) In healthy doses, yes.  Authenticity is important. If you use for reach & growth, then great but if you amplify brand deal, then negative impact)

(Rob) If you boost it based on association, like the national rifle association when they associate where there are "shops" of this.  Putting a marketing campaign in action

Creator Track: Transitioning your channel into a Full-fledged business

Thursday July 22
Room 210

Joe Penna
Megan Batoon
Mindy MicKnight
Thomas Ridgewell
Phil Ranta (COO - Studio 71)
Benji Travis

  1. Being a YouTuber is now the #1 profession :).  
  2. There is a transition now from people thinking of YT as a stepping stone, but now people switching from traditional media and trying to get to the digital space.
  3. YT platform to create a video and CREATE awareness of YOUR OWN business, OWN BRAND.

YT rolled out Partnership program
Golden Era of Adsense

People have different experience. Some of them really started into making videos, some of them was having different jobs like 3 jobs at that time (Megan Batoon).

Benji Travis - own a business. Judy had two jobs and going to the university

10 years later - this industry- digital space is going to grow. "Being a YouTuber is now the #1 profession" - Benji Travis, husband of Judy.

Is the dream still to go to Hollywood? or focus on digital?
People look at YT as stepping stone, for me, (Thomas) I just want to make online videos. But now, not just YouTube, there are Netflix and Amazon prime.

TV vs Digital: Traditional executives - let's do a thing and transition to one to one and it will fail because you are working with a DIFFERENT audience.  In the TV, they are more PASSIVE. I'm stuck in a world of 3 minutes. 

(Joe) was it a challenge to do a longer form? 

(Megan) Start on YT that we can control and do things but stepping stone to a traditional platform. But the recently, traditional media is looking at digital space, like people on YT are artists.  Seems like it is switching - traditional brands are now coming straight to YT. Wont' say NO to traditional tv to elevate my brand.  It is not the MAIN goal now and people are switching.  Actors are moving /switching to YouTube.

What is a good % of sponsorships, adsense, etc?

(Benji) No rules, we wanted to created the lifestyle we want.  have principle on how many brand. We kinda know what audience like and doesn't like.  DO what works for you!
(Mindy) half sponsorships and half not. PIcky and align with our branding. Hold out better deals.

(Benjie) Youtube Adsense revenue is not really a good way to get revenue and get out of being part-time. 
Better way to get revenue is Affiliates.  Affiliates marketing.

there is still a lot of PAID meet and greet? Have you done that? Done sometimes (Joe Penna). Interesting , actors do meet and greet every time.   

I think you are more "accessible" - a friend - for Digital space/YouTubers.  They live vicariously thru them.

Don't have a large audience? #1 thing when they start and to go full time, don't think of your potential revenue as a YouTuber.  There might be better ways of getting revenue in the beginning. E.g. when I started - just a guy behind Judy's . Just started basic real estate questions.  <5K subscrbbiers then go from 10 to more houses, channel than made to REFERRAL to my business. 

At the beginning:
YT platform to create a video and CREATE awareness of YOUR OWN business, OWN BRAND.  Think of YT to support your won business.

Creator Track: Keeping it Real

Thursday June 22
Room 204

Zach King
Brendan Gahan  (EVP Epic Signal)

TL;DR: Important to define your brand and who you are. Right things down and establish that early on. Think thru. Over-communicate.

You need to write a mission statement so when advertisers start approaching you, you know what your story is. What is your BRAND.

More brand deals when more cleaner and you need to be more CONSISTENT.

Coca cola - they came with idea on UPLIFT!
So I said I wanted to FLY!

Right now , I have the luxury to turn them down. 

include your audience to help the channel and them too.  I had to explain to them why I am taking the brand. Seems like Fans are more OK with it now.

WRITE what you stand for early on!

What do you deem is your failure and what you learned? 

Videos takes weeks to be done and team of 15 people. 

  • Lay out - what the contract and what the CREATIVE is going to look like. We invite them on the set! Be clear!
  • Studying the Brand Agency process!
  • Good to over-communicate
  • Tell what you are NOT comfortable with

Important to define your brand and who you are. Right things down and establish that early on. Think thru. Over-communicate.

Brand Deals - all with brands direct, not many agencies in the influencer space.

If you build a relationship with Agency, they help you with the creative.. connect to more partners. Can be very BENEFICIAL.

Agency - 
Brands - running digital, brand managers, creative agency and social agency.  Lot of different players and good to know what different brands and budget.

What you want to do if you want to start over?
I wanna collaborate and build a team quicker.

Was there a difference when you did it for FUN vs now that you have more reach?
Still play a lot - and move to a massive warehouse. We are trying to play a lot!

People repost your work? We let them stay up,  we do tell them to share the handle to their page, and some have grow them with their change.

We funnel them the new videos. We grew in Instagram because of those.

We embrace them.  

With YOUTUBE - we claim them! and you can start that on FB.

1 Week - 2 weeks if I did by myself. and possibly 3 months for one video recently.

Ideas - play and do crazy stuffs!

Open ended or scripted? I like both for different reasons. Not scripted but laid out, this is the shot and ran thru all the stores.  Love it because it is guided and just go thru it and there is a bit of flexibility.
Open ended - problem possibly because Brands don't know what they want!

Lately - give me a clear context (not really the scripts) but there's a layout.

Creator Track: Making a Snapsterpiece: How to Utilize Snapchat tools to create art

Thursday June 22
3.30 PM - 4.30 PM
Room 209

Sarah Peretz
Taylor Nikolai

tl;dr: Sarah - one of the biggest SnapChat artists in the world and teaches us HOW!

Sarah Peretz - one of the biggest SnapChat Artists in the World. Been doing it for a year now.

Example of Snap chat Arts!
  • uses little drawing tool that you use to scribble and use this to actually DRAW this ART
  • what does it look like

A Boring SNAP to make it LOOK BETTER!

There are GENREs of SNAPCHAT ART. Two artists she follows:
  1. Georgio.Copter (based on Lebanon) - Awesome Monster DRAWING!
  2. MF721. Matt Fogarty. Not art but he uses EMOJIs and uses videos to move around emojis. 6-8 hours to make.

Sarah - cartoony or realists.

  • USE the ZOOM
    • TAP to zoom
    • You can move around to move around it!
  • Prompts a lot of UGC for snapchat arts - this is very valuable to brands - they take time to engage and work with you.
  • Blogs wrote Sarah as a snapchat artist

Friday - June 23

Industry Track: Creators Tell Brands and Agencies what THEY Want 

June 23, Friday 
10.00 AM to 10.45
Ballroom E

Fleur DE Force
Kurt Hugo Schneider
Oli White
Joshua Lowcock (EVP head of Digital - Universal Mccan)

Brands are nervous with working with Online/YT stars because it is a new space and some of them are like in different demo e.g. like 17 years old.  Brands just have to go for it and get to a comfortable stage. Prefer to just Reach out to them directly (not with so many agencies)

Advice: Reach out to Creators Directly! Think like a creator.

Shonduras - Started in Snapchat and moved to YT and moved to Business Consulting

Oli White - 5-6 years in YT, love travel blogs

Fleur - focused on beauty and fashion; Vlogging and Briday channel; 8 years now. Wrote a couple of books. Lipstick with MAC. Expanding on YT.

Kurt Schneider - Musician. Old school YT. 10 years ago.  Did a campaign with Coca cola

Traditional, AdSense (Ads)
(Shonduras) You need to maximize YT as a hobby.
(Oli ) Working directly with Brands and make concept and make it bigger than a video and a campaign. Working with longevity with a brand. And work with them because I like them. Got a merchandise and done 2 books.
(Kurt) downloads in Itunes, Spotify, and live shows. For YT music, a lot of budding musicians live with downloads revenue.

What is difficult for brands getting to digital space? (Oli) Always the INITIAL part of going for it. They just need to step in and just get there.

(Fleur) It's a learning process. Some of them adopted early. It has been a tricky process where they are now at a comfortable stage.

Nervousness - because it is for e.g. some are like 17 yrs old.

(Oli) A bit confusing from one agency to another agency then client.

How will brands find you? It is both someone that worked with the brand that kid want it or they do a research and what auidience they want.

(Shonduras) We have CONTACT info in YT etc. They can easily reach out with us. Had an experience where a client saw us in YT and then thought agency was better to contact. Just go hold of us! Just reach out!

The more middle men - more cut - if you want effective on ROI - going to the creators from a biz standpoint.

Better if the have a direction on what they want to do because sometimes hard.

(Shonduras) There's also like go to this and this... but I want something comfortable.  Let us do that we are passionate about. If you make us do something that doesn't fit, but wouldn't do the same effect

Creators - we know how to check box  without really conveying the message to our message - e.g. bad vs good shout out 

Brand - work integration - We are very clear that is is sponsored content and that makes it easier.

You should proud of the brand you are working!! Share and promote.  Haven't had backlash with that. 

Recommendation: Brands to think like a CREATOR e.g. Red Bull. and they upload to instagram etc. Think on why content shareable, why people want to comment or retweet etc?

They got videos which are more tangible  so just relevant, rought etc. - not CURATED like in TV

If you are in a brand and you don't know who the big players in the social media are, you kinda have to learn.

Industry Track: Fireside Chat with Fidji Simo of FB

Friday June 23
11 - 11.20

Industry Keynote stage

Fidji Simo (VP, Product of FB)
Natalie Jarvey (Staff Wrier, Digital Media - Hollywood Reporter)

TL;DR: Fireside chats, talk about various launches and reasons behind.  FB is trying hard to understand how videos/sports/social media can bring COMMUNITIES together.

** new FB app for Creators!!!!

Fidji - started Video in FB!

When they used fb was more posting and video wasn't a big piece of it? we saw feeds on formats that are more immersive - images, video .. and future VR.

Launch Video tab!
You have a mode where you are try to discover or when you are in a mode of just watching video and lean back.

Creator and Users to have these different modes - intentional watching or catching up.

Live - User behavior in this functionality.  A lot of Watchtime after the video was taken. What we tried to do as easy to still show part of the action e.g. Engagement graph, weekly catch up.

Media partners - what role live vs on demand content.  What we are working with creators on what their gols are and what medium is the most appropriate.

360 e.g. immersive experience if you were there. Not necessarily suited for news event. Depends on what you want.

Buying a handful of projects? What can you tell to move ? buying CONTENT?
We are funding to understand faster why videos for bringing communities together.

Why this focus on subset of larger audience? FB is social places in your life. Makes sense watching video in FB does that. We were already starting .

HBO big little lies - community of fans
true with creators where they engage with fans too.

Sports programming?  Main thing we are trying to learn on bringing people in content. Sports is social.

Expanded on chat while watching it. So this is what you do with sports. and chat with folks about the sports.

Big Screen - longer watch time on the application. Very big usage of for SAVED feed. 

**Check what app is this?

Programming you are buying? Hired executives like from College Humour and MTV.  Seems like you are thinking of it in a TV way.
Main thing with Wiki and MIna - we need talent the creative process and working with creators. when we are experimenting on bringing communities together in FB thru these shows - so we need people who can craft this show.

Use FB in a fundamental different way - so we are building an app dedicated for Creators! Focus on creation of content in FB.
Built around live creator kit - create live shows, custom stickers, and audience can react to your lvie shows. Notion on building community. Help with storytelling.

Last time, FB creator for mentions - it was limited to public figure - they will be upgraded to this new app. This new app is for ALL.

MONETIZATION is critical!
what we have learned, not one size fits all. Invest on Ad break and print content.
Ad Break - for more than 2K followers and process of rolling out to regular videos.
Branded Content - we made it easy creator for adding tags who the sponsor of the content is e.g David Lopez (funny videos)

In Live it is easy to insert ad break.  There is someone who can tell audience that there will be ad break and creators are quite good with it.

Regular videos - key where to put Ad Break! Creators are getting good at where they can put the ad.

Industry Tack: Be the Change you wish to See:  How to leverage the Power of

Friday June 23
3-3.45 PM
Room 304CD

John Attanasio (CEO - Toonstar)
Luisa Huang (COO - Toonstar)

TL;DR: is a very popular app!  They seem to have identified what works for teens nowadays based on basic tenets/principles.

John and Luisa - toonstar is an animation tech company. From studios - Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Disney. 

Most popular app for 10-15 year Olds around the world.
130M users!

Components of growing a channel: Content + Fan Engagement + Growth Hacking [plugging into a community where there is alignment]

Social Currency is KING!

Case study: PoppyTv - has the highest engagement in

Two types of content: Episodic (15 second episodes) vs Livestream broadcasts

TENETS of MUSICALLY (endemic to its platform)
  1. Culture - "school yard rules"
    1. e.g you have the crown or the aspiring cool kids
  2. Promote the behavior you want to see 
    1. culture of reciprocity
  3. Social currency is king
There is gamifying - e.g. like throwing some "virtual coins" while you are livestreaming and when you are watching, you can actually grab those coins.

They rip off some stuff e.g. kids were dubbing someone calling 911 etc.

Pop sockets - 

In Musically - they have "transitioner" category. 

There is a LEADERBOARD - which is based on emojis so fans tap more emojis while watching.

LEADERBOARD: there is TOP Channels but there is also TOP CONTRIBUTORS!

Industry Track:  Social Video Secrets from BuzzFeed's Experts

Friday June 23
1-1.45 PM
Ballroom E

Ella Mielniczenko (BuzzFeed Violet - Executive Producer) @heyyy
Maycie Thornton (Director of Social Media - BuzzFeed) @maycie
Rico Moore (business Analyst - BuzzFeed) @whoisdjrico

#1 Most watched Publisher on YT; 9B+ content views

Feedback: left after 10 minutes. The presentation felt really light and bland.  A bit surprising for Buzzfeed and seems like a  bunch of High School kids presenting (blocking the slides etc)

2006 - was just a collection of things in the internet. It was just a website.
Youtube in 2012 - launched video department - launched BuzzFeed's YT channel.

600 pcs of content everyday
3.5 M pieces of content total to date

#1 Most watched Publisher on YT

The internet is a conversation!
We measure success. 

Industry Track: VR for Creators 101

Friday June 23
Room 304AB

Ryan A. Bell (Director of Digital Strategy - Hydro Studios)
Feedback: I was hoping this was going to be really good but kinda useless.. had some useful slides but would have been better if he did more of a workshop, showed some of the videos etc but went THRU SLIDES and slides!!! and had a lot of useless chatter.

Optical based stitching: Camera and stitches it. 
Template based - eventually be replaced - layer and layer it correctly.

usually over 10K

Social affiliate program
  • Youtube or FB have it and those companies give it for Free normally.

YT 180 VR
  • 3D 180 Camera! There is DEPTH of Field which is important.

Buy Cheap, Rent Big

Mono pod -smartree (24 or 30 bucks)
1 scout and 1 pro
sand bags
sd cards
lens wipes

Don't Make Bad TV - Make Great Digital Content 

"Some of online video's top creators discuss how they are maximizing the lessons they’ve learned from both traditional and digital media and how they are borrowing styles from each to make groundbreaking content on both platforms."

Chris Ballinger (Ballinger Family) 
Freddie Ransome (BuzzFeed Ladylike) 
Charlie McDonnell 
Ned Fulmer (The Try Guys - BuzzFeed) 

ROOM 210 
JUNE 23, 2017 
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

Graduate to TV? Is this a misconception?
  • (Charlie) There is still that point of view. Feel more legitimate to have your own tv. But I don't like the fact. I would like to live a world where it is equal
  • (Freddie) times is changing. TV used to be the place to go. More excited Netflix show - becoming an ultimate goal.
  • (Ned) Lines are increasingl blurred; As content creator, the importance is if content is gonna AFFECT people. More of a format than anything else.

What makes digital content?
  • I don't think runtime has to do with it. Doesn't matter 30m or 2 hour long. Emphasis on NARRATIVE.

For digital, there is opportunity for EXPERIMENTATION.

What are some things that by listening to your audience?
(Charlie - 10 years in YT)

Making a TV show - steer a cruise ship!

Freddie - Ladylike Channel
  • instead of buzzfeed ecosystem, gave stronger feedback
  • Good to subscribe are genuinely to watch 
  • They give constructive feedback and brainstorm in the comment section e.g. highlight body areas of insecurities and do a photoshoot of that

(Ned) Try guys - we tried doing some shows and then complement with some postings online
(Charlie) Cucumber does something like this. Had 2 other shows at the same time - banana and tofu. Main show sat on channel 4, secondary in E4, and tofu online and more documentary.  
(Chris) Haters back off.

Measure success of TV is prolly thru social media like trending. 

Metrics - we focus a lot on online content -  comments/ video responses.

Coming from a YT background, when moving to netflix & TV, you kinda hand them to netflix and TV.  But these metrics are important for driving the creative process.

What you can get from TV and put into Digital content? Draw from TV arena to digital show?
  • lessons from tv - narrative content

Saturday - June 24

Platform Deep-Dive for Industry - Exclusive Half-Day Workshop 

"What makes a video work? Why are videos more effective on one platform than another? These are simple questions that have complicated answers. Whether you are part of a brand trying to extend its reach or an agency working to be more effective for its clients, this CreatorUp half-day workshop will help you harness the power will help you harness the power of video to reach your audience where it lives and when it’s ready to act. Using a central case study as our guide, join us as we deconstruct a successful campaign from finish to start. Starting with the final, proven video and working backward, we will determine why the combination of platform distribution, audience targeting, influencer partnership, and overall content strategy was able to move beyond the algorithm of the day and win the content game. Use this knowledge to workshop your own campaign across platforms to drive strategic growth and surpass KPIs. The workshop is divided into four parts, with each part focusing on one of the four major online video platforms - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat - and paying special attention to the role of mobile in overall success. "

Room 304AB
10 AM to 1 PM


Snaps - millions of snap so if you have not anything to say then don't

Gatorade Big Splash Filter
  • Biggest Ad in Super Bowl - Gatorade App
  • STRATEGY: Harness power of Anticipation
  • 165 M snapchat Views
  • There needs to be a STORY
  • Strategy: Reward, engagmeent, leveraging Valentine's 
    • 1) Purchase intent
    • 2) impression Lift and 
    • 3) Ad Recall lift
    • This was based on Tacos for Valentines and you can get discount.
  • Use background MUSIC - make it that engages people. Not too slow or too action driven. Think of of it like NIKE commercial - it grows and build thru the story. 
  • Save and repurpose your stories.

A creator - spag chat - Ali Spagnola
Difference for length:  sponsored lens - about a week; Filter in 24 hours

Sponsored lenses are forecasted to reach 16M viewers daily by end of 2017.

Geofilter - 40-60% of daily snapchatters
88% of active followers want to view complete brand stories

Snapchat for 

Ali - amplify and position herself thru exclusivity. 

find a niche within the niche in patreon community
Create exclusive and unlockable content and charge a fee for it.

Snapchat | Recapt & Rethink

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Follower Growth - 

In NZ, young men are 1/3 of the one that died - drown during summer. So they did an ad called the "SWIM Reaper"! 30K followers and 20% decrease drowning YoY.

Strategy 1: Humor to get an important message across
Strategy 2: Lifestyle through products in use - awareness Brand intent purchase intent
Under Armour #rule yourself
call to action for the action for instagram and Facebook and users reply to keeping themselves and get them motivated
Strategy 3: Hashtags and targeted ads to reach the right audience - ad recall purchase intent.
caused 5 pt increase in purchase content

A&commerce and drive sales to their brand. Brand + Campaign. Premium brush set. They leverage creators instead.

Strategy 4: Niche community, highlighting product differentials - Brand Interest consideration
50% lower cpa compared to non-video campaigns : 5X return on ad spend.
Created a community in instagram itself.

British council Shakespeare Lives: Traffic Generated
campaign for 3 months and got for full year
They have shorter clips of this .. intro and full length to the website.  These are User GENERATED content - UGC! original is theatre content.

Strategy 5: Promote Shakespeare to younger audiences - Awareness lift consideration.

FB videos - are usually watched without audio. Text is difficult and platform dependent. Do not use HEAVY text.  If you are going YT - do not use text and testimonials.

British council arts

Instagram - Gabe Gordon - for #PowerOfPizza (Digiorno Pizza)

Power of Pizza - frozen pizza category. 
Insight - more than half of internet users say they don't trust online advertising. Not enough to tell the story. 
DiGiorno conducted a social experiment.

INSIGHT: Branded Social Experiments are #Trending


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