Momofuku Vegas

Where: 2nd floor, The Cosmopolitant, The Strip, Las Vegas
Rating: 2 out of 5 star
2017-04-15 - I went for a late night dinner at 11 pm and it was quite easy to get a table.  I ordered Pork Ramen and the food came in fast.  Service was generally good with waiters being attentive when we ran out of water, though one waiter who took our orders had a snobbish look when she realized that I was the only one ordering since my two other friends just accompanied me (they were still full feom earing Shake Shack burger.

As for the food, I ordered the Pork Ramen ($18).  It had some Prol belly and strips whoch were genrally good.  The egg was poached, rather than the usual Japanese style.  As for the soup, it was tad salty and they way they describe it is it taste like Nissan Instant Ramen!  Generally I was not happy with my food!


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